Realme X

Thanks to its immediate product liberty the company Realme at has made quite a proclaim for itself in a definitely rapid amount of period. The brand tallying Realme X is their 10th smartphone, which is fitting to the reveal and is insane to think not quite similar to.

Realme X

They’ve only been around for 12 months the RealmeX isn’t another phone from the Chinese brand and even though it’s a mid-range phone.
It’s got some nice flagship hardware up its sleeve the most obvious one being the pop-up selfie camera.

We have seen quite a few companies go with the pop-up selfie camera approach at this point. But it’s still a new and exciting way of implementing the front-facing camera. The pop-up mechanism is located in the middle of the phone’s top edge and says it’s been a test for over 200,000 cycles.

It is cover in a sapphire glass in case you’re concerned about its durability.
It’ll also auto retract to protect itself if you happen to drop the phone. With no exposed front camera to deal with this means that the Realme X is able to maximize the space on the front.

It’s got a large display that’s protected with Gorilla Glass 5 and an impressive 91.2% screen to body ratio. This is also RealMe first phone ever to use an AMOLED display which is a nice and welcome improvement.
Another way that Realme has been able to achieve a front that’s pretty much. All display with thin bezels is by going with an N display fingerprint sensor.
Now, most n display fingerprint sensors aren’t great but they’ve been getting better and this one seems to be pretty good in the short amount of time. That we’ve spent with it so far it has rarely failed and feels pretty quick to back up the impressive hardware.

The Realme X comes with a solid foundation of the specification:

  • 1. Snapdragon 710 processor
  • 2. 4,6 or 8 gigabytes of RAM
  • 3. 64 and 128 gigs of storage
  • 4. The phone also comes with a headphone jack and they finally made the switch to USB
  • 5. Android 9 pie with oboes color OS
  • 6. USB type-c port supports oppa’s vogue 3.0 fast charging

After using micro USB on all their previous devices the USB type-c port supports oppa’s vogue 3.0 fast charging technology to get you back to a full charge.

It has a nice sized battery to go along with it. The software out of the box is Android 9 pie with oboes color OS 6.0. Which I know some people aren’t a fan of due to its iOS-like nature but I don’t mind it wrapping back around to the cameras.

The front-facing camera is a 16-megapixel sensor and uses pixel binning to help with low-light. The rear camera is the 48 megapixel Sony sensor which is the same sensor that’s in the one plus 7 pro and the Oppo Reno.
So we’re expecting the Realme X to produce some good quality images. Although we’ll have to wait and see till we use the device further to find out the Realme X’s camera.

Realme X also be equipped with AI scene recognition for up to 16 different scenes and objects. The video recording has been upgraded to support 960 fps slow-motion video at 720p and 120 fps at 1080p.

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