Loco Pilot Jobs -Qualification, Salary, Syllabus

Hello, friends Welcome to Contestbazar. In today’s post, you will know how to become a Loco Pilot and if you also want to become train driver, through this post, we will tell you that how to be a Train Driver and loco pilot salary, syllabus, etc. Loco pilot is a little form of the word locomotive pilot. They are the backbone of the Indian railway structure. Usually, locomotive engines have two Train driver for driving it.

What to do to get a Railway Job in Loco Pilot?

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Today many students want to work in the Indian Railway. And also do very hard work on the railway. Indian Railway Ministry keeps recruitment every year in the Railways. In which the students apply according to their wishes and merit.

Loco Pilot is also called Train Driver. Driver running the Indian Railways train is called Loco Pilot. Everybody today wants to work according to their merit. And the students who are interested in them make up their career in it. If you also want to apply for the train driver, you can apply for it according to your educational qualification.

So friends know how to build your career in Railway. If you are also preparing to make a career in Railway. And if you want to get the full information of this Train then follow this article how to become a Train driver from start to finish.

How to be a Train Driver?

Loco Pilot Jobs -Qualification,Salary,Syllabus,loco pilot salary

Loco Pilot is the post of an Indian Railway. The train driver has to run a train in which the job is taken. And this train belongs to Indian Railways. This post is a government post in the Railway Department, the security of passengers aboard the train depends solely on Train driver.

Railway has 4 group posts. From group A to D, and also in the sports quota there are many posts.

Group A recruits a large officer class. Selection is done after the examination like UPSC, CMSE.

Group B is not directly recruited. Here the staff of railway comes on promotion.

In Group C, a post like engineering post, station master, clerk, etc emerges. This post comes out in most of the group.

In Group D, recruitments like cleaners, helper, trackman, etc. come out.

Qualification for Loco Pilot :

Let’s Find Out –

Educational Qualification

This post should be 10th and 12th pass. Along with this, ITI also has a 2-year Diploma. Any Mechanic, electrical and automobile should be one of these trade.

Even if you have a Bachelor of Engineering degree in these trades, you can still apply for Loco Pilot. All these certificates must be recognized.

Medical Qualification:

Eyes have the most important role to become a loco pilot. Your eyes should be perfectly healthy if you have a problem in your eyes or your eyes are weak then you can not become a train driver.

Age Limit :

You must be between 18 and 28 years old to apply for the Train Driver. And for the Sc / St Categories, there is some exemption in the age limit.

What to do to become a Train Driver

To become a train driver, you have to complete the 3 phase process. If you have 3 types of exams then let us know further about these examinations.

Written Exam

After applying for recruitment, you first have to take a written examination. In which you are asked 120 questions. Of which you can pass this test by answering 90 questions correctly.

Presence Of Mind

After passing the written examination, you have to take a second exam. This test examines how fast and accurate the student can answer a question, which means that you are asked such questions which can only be solved by your mind.

Medical Test

After passing the second test, this is your final exam. Which contains your medical test? Your eyes are tested in this test. Your eyesight should be good. The ability to see your eyes far away should be good. After passing these three exams, you are sent to training. After this, you become a Pilot.

How To Prepare To Crack The Exam

  • You have to pay more attention to science in general studies
  • Enhance your general knowledge.
  • Read books and read daily News Paper.
  • Solve last year’s question papers.
  • Pay more attention to the current affairs too.

Loco Pilot Salary

A good salary is provided to Loco Pilot salary. Loco Pilot’s Basic Salary is 5200 to 20,000. And grade pay is 1,900, and all these 30,000 plus salary is given every month. And the salary of the train driver increases according to their experience.

Post Salary
Assistant Loco Pilot (ALP) Rs. 25000 to 35000/-
Loco Pilot (Mail) Rs. 60000 to 78000/-
Loco Pilot (Goods) Rs. 40000 to 56000/-
Loco Pilot (Passenger) Rs. 50000 to 66000/-

And they are also provided some features. Loco pilot Salary of Senior train driver is 55 to 60,000. And their salaries are different according to the different routes.


Through today’s post, you will learn how to become a  train driver and through this post, we also told that How to prepare for Loco pilot hopes that you will also be able to do well to prepare for the Railway Driver now. If you have any problems with our post How to become a train driver or have any questions, please post your comment in the Comment Box. Our team will definitely help you.

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