The Greystone power history – For so long it had been only a dream of the people who lived in the rolling hills of Douglas County but now it was no longer just a dream with each heaving push through the rock-lined earth. Their dream was becoming a reality with muscle power and determination.

They were actually eliminating the invisible barrier that had restricted their lives and hopes for decades. They were finally getting electrical power with few tools and limited resources. Douglas County farmers and Atlanta engineers worked side-by-side in those latter years of the 1930s.

Greystone Power History And Achievement

Slowly tall wooden poles and sturdy wire began rising up along dusty roads and rolling fields, and one by one house once isolated in darkness after sundown began to glow warmly in the evenings

Now with a simple tug on a court, their world was truly a brighter place to live. The struggle for rural America to get electrical power had been a long one investor-owned utility companies felt that running power lines to serve such few customers. Per square mile was not profitable even in 1935 when President Franklin Roosevelt offered low-interest loans to the utility companies through the rural electrification Act.

He had no takers but refusing to be defeated farmers from all across America began taking the matter into their own hands. So United in their effort they began forming nonprofit Electric Membership cooperatives on August 24th, 1936. Five determined men JH Abercrombie J s Bomar, WG Johnson n P Barker, and Ro Boatwright met at the Douglas County Courthouse.

Informed one of the first cooperatives in Georgia.The farmers electrical association using their own time and gasoline. These men and other supporters went door-to-door and convinced their neighbors and Douglas Carroll Paulding and Cobb counties to become members of the Association.

The five-dollar membership fee was a precious sacrifice during this Depression-era but within only weeks the association had 320 members and its first Board of Directors applied for and secured are a loan for eighty-three thousand dollars.

Finally in September of 1936 with the technical expertise of the JB McCreary engineering firm a distribution system was designed and immediately the farmers electrical Association began putting up their own power lines.

Then in the following December board president, JH Abercrombie contracted with the Georgia Power Company to supply electricity at wholesale rates to the Association. Only nine months later in September of nineteen thirty-seven, the first rural line was energized and the framework for what would become one of the most successful cooperatives.

Anywhere had been built in the years that followed the need for electrical power grew quickly and so did the farmers.  Electrical Association the organization that had begun with a handful of volunteers had transformed into a successful and respected power supply company.  

Douglas County Electric Membership Corporation within the first two years Fulton Fayette Cal we de and Bartow counties had been added to the Douglas County EMC service area as request from membership continued to pour in the need for equipment personnel and office space increased rapidly having initially operated out of a meeting room in the courthouse and then in small office spaces rented to them in Douglasville

The EMC needed even more space by the early 1940s just as the co-operative had come to the aid of the people now came to the aid of the co-operative in a demonstration of pride and partnership local clubs and individuals helped raise the money needed to construct a building for the EMC and by May of 1942 Douglas County EMC was operating out of the first office built especially for the cooperative world war two.

Budget & Billing

In its aftermath brought both hardship and growth to Douglas County EMC materials were in short supply and expensive. Yet due to the shortage of housing in the cities families flooded to the rural areas but through careful planning and organization. The co-operative found ways to continue providing dependable electrical service to its growing membership in 1947. It was decided to sell properties located in Coweta and Fayette counties and used the proceeds to pay back government loans.

As membership increased more trucks and radio equipment were purchased substations were built and the office continually expanded. Cooperative activities had become the focal point of the community and in turn, the EMC was respected for its growing role in civic organizations and community events.

Throughout the 1950s Douglas County EMC continued its efforts to make rural living more convenient and comfortable annual meeting attendance had never been greater and the events had become exciting.

Jobs Opportunity

Opportunities to invaluable door prizes showcase new appliances and reflect on the cooperatives achievement on its 25th anniversary. Douglas County EMC was over 8,000 members strong by the 1960s district offices in South Fulton and Dallas have added modern equipment such as bucket trucks improved the efficiency and safety of linemen and new larger headquarters were built.

But the boom for growth had only just begun through the 1970s and 80s the appeal of the Douglas county EMC service area began to attract both families and industries and as the demand for more electrical power grew.

The EMC continued making advancements to help them better serve their members by the late 1980s. Douglas County Electric Membership Cooperative had seen enormous changes since its inception it had evolved from a small Association trying to provide a few hundred farmers electricity to a major electric utility company.

Greystone Power Service Area

Overcoming countless obstacles and hardships Douglas County EMC had become the cornerstone of progress for this area of Georgia in 1988. Its members felt that their EMC should have a name that complemented its corporate image and reflected the strength of its founders a name that symbolized a common bond among the six counties it served so that fall they chose a name representing the permanent themes of granite that lay beneath the ground of their service area on October 4th, 1988 .

Douglas County Electric Membership Corporation became Greystone Power Corporation. Today Greystone Power Corporation with more than 47,000 members is one of the most impressive success stories in Georgia and through its state-of-the-art technology and highly trained workforce.  The co-operative is a leader in the utility services industry and today the name and symbol of Greystone Power Corporation stand as a monument to the men and women who built its foundation and have been the source of strength.

Greystone Power Outage

Behind the Emcs accomplishments the men and women who for over 50 years have shared the cooperative spirit of making a dream a reality. You know there were a lot of jokes and like all the employees. There were a lot of incidents that had happened that people talked about funny things and things that they had done and the only thing we had on that first section that we opened up was two stoves and two refrigerators.

Well, it always something food going on we had a good time but they worked hard too and the employees always seemed like they were just really close. You know just like one big family they did pretty well.

What they had but we didn’t have much it was a real good time for or not. Only friendship but for learning everybody like the man that they worked with all worked together and they had to get along they don’t get anything down. If a young person today came to me and said that I would like to work at the MC I would tell them that there is no better place in the world to work.

GreyStone Power Corp

GreyStone Power Corporation provides electricity. The Company offers residential, commercial, operation rounds up, outdoor lighting, and fleet services. GreyStone Power serves its customers in the State of Georgia.






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